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How to effectively use Retractable Banner ad to promote

By on Nov 22, 2017 in Retractable Banners |

Age of the Internet, all kinds of opportunities are likely to emerge, such as a network audition is an important channel for banner advertisers to interact with consumers to create a new blue ocean. Some network selection to create consumer participation, even greater than the physical activities. Network to promote the success of the selection of what should pay attention to what matters?

Beautiful or interesting things that can be effectively evoke the public curiosity, a wide range of popular selection of activities has been the banner advertisers and consumers interact to create the volume of one of the key pipeline; but how effective advocacy, enhance participation, and maximize limited funding to create effective retractable banners promotion, has always been the biggest challenge of the marketing staff.

The emergence of the Internet to create new opportunities for similar operations, also open up Retractable Banners [follow on g+] as an alternative promotional tool for marketers. Based on the long-term observation of the author, the network selection to create participation often exceed the entity selection, click through rate as well as the topic of the volume is even more amazing.

The first session of Kaiwo Phantasy Star selection is voted through the Internet popularity, creating one of the success stories of consumers discussed. The event attracted more than 3,000 participants from around the world, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and other places. Activities in the two-month period, the cumulative total of nearly 2 million people in the click through rate, the actual arrival of individual Internet users, up to 140 people or more.

In addition, activities such as such as chain drug store of vitality Ambassador auto show girl selection, beauty Map diary tall, campus Goodwill Ambassador also converge in a short period of time the attention of millions of users, and cause all kinds of topics, and more attract media coverage.

Master interactive and creative to win over popular grab opportunities

The high attention degree from the virtual (website interactive) entity (contestants, brand) with the multiplying effect, and the success of the network selection should pay more attention to a few key.

1. Creating interactive: Due to the large amounts of information flow of the Internet, today’s consumers have gradually felt numb passive receiver-marketing, interactive marketing to give consumers choice and decision-making rights. Such emphasis on interactive Internet activities, are often able to successfully in-depth consumer leading consumer psychology, and create brand image closer to the lives of consumers, generate unexpected bonus effect.

Creativity open a brand new life: the younger age distribution of Internet users, any demands, fashion sense, will feel the brand, for network selection to catch a ride, and creativity of the users sometimes more product or brand extra points. Both at home and abroad, there are more and more creative or design Internet Contest, the organizers invited participants to show their own creativity, the performance of the product or brand characteristics, so that consumers are able to participate in the brand decision, they can often cause the participation.

3. Use the snowball effect to create the sound volume: the voting mechanism of network selection, often stimulate each and every participant did her best to mobilize all friends and family to help canvassing messages just like a snowball Share proliferation topic Road Community on strong fermentation. Through this logic, the enterprise can be voted through the Internet popularity, more effective in attracting target audience, maximizing activity effect.

Relative to traditional retractable banners advertising, the lower the cost of network popular selection, but also provide the exact data show that the cumulative effect of activities during analysis station netizens basic information, so advertisers activities created by the effects clearly and attract the target audience , did not meet expectations. The enterprise can determine product positioning, creative and interactive stressed seize such activities, it can more effectively through the new Internet-based marketing activities, in-depth target consumers with the popular topic, and create unlimited business opportunities.