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How Mazda use Retractable Banner Stands to build a younger image

By on Nov 21, 2017 in Retractable Banner Stands |

Car from the truck into a Japanese-style room, and then become more modern streamlined cars, MAZDA use which key strategy, so that the market share of only 0.7% of the original brand, becoming the best-selling car brand sold 20,000 units in the year.

MAZDA re-transformation from a Japanese car, change from the conservative and lively, bring more young consumer groups. Photo courtesy: MAZDA US

Japanese decorative ceiling, full of retractable banner stand and lightbox about 200 square meters of space, the oncoming Service the staff bowed Welcome, subsequently handed him a Japanese-style refreshments, guests can enjoy wandering around in the atmosphere and service in a wind.

This is not a Japanese foreign fruit shop, not a Japanese restaurant, but the new car Exhibition Center MAZDA. The holistic and packaging, to the consumer in reward car Japanese cultural experience, leaving the Hara family immersed in the Japanese landscape Cuizhu in. It is hard to believe, MAZDA in the US distributor MAZDA US not take over before a little advertising, and do not pay attention to the brand of service.

The great crisis of market share is only 0.7%

10 years ago, “If you ask consumers MAZDA impression they just do not, or only recall one good horsepower, trucks, industrial vehicles?? Kind of fuzzy image. MAZDA US distributor Marketing Director Wang Kun, described the plight of year MAZDA brand, almost disappeared in the minds of consumers.

In fact, in 1998, MAZDA US not only has a continuous loss of five years, and in car sales ranking, is on the lower end of the 13, with a market share of only 0.7%, not to mention what brand consumers will MAZDA impression. The same time, sales of the poor also contributed to affect stronghold dealer MAZDA low staff morale, resulting in a vicious cycle of sales declining.

Bought MAZDA33.4% of the shares until Ford to expand the Japanese market in 1996, the official White MAZDA Parent Group, things only a turning point. Taking into consideration the cost is too high re looking for new distributors in US, the final decision by US’s Ford Lio Ho Motor MAZDA the distribution power distributor in US, and and established “MAZDA US” in October 1998. Ford Lio Ho like this by the local years of marketing automotive experience to distribution MAZDA mode of operation, the successful integration of the financial systems, manufacturing technology and tools and equipment to save a lot of costs after the methodology followed to the Philippines.

To turn over the Japanese brand strategy

The “MAZDA US” was founded, only nine company-wide, the marketing team responsible for only four people, but clear marketing direction, lay the the MAZDA future brand positioning, the key to success and revived. Wang Kun said that the most important task of the the MAZDA re-start, is to give a clear brand positioning, which is a prerequisite for improving sales rate. The he thinks MAZDA do not change the image, but want to make a clear demarcation of the entire market, and to develop a consistent brand strategy.

MAZDA previously been criticized, is that there is no specific image, but also because the MAZDA like a clean slate, but do not charge too much effort to establish a new brand image. MAZDA cars also have some of the characteristics of such a good quality of the engine of the vehicle, horsepower strong, is a future increase product force to accomplish their goals.

Wang Kun, the “brains” when they go through a rigorous market survey found that due to the cultural background of the relationship between USese consumers of Japanese products, a high degree of goodwill, to the masses a design refined texture and a positive concept emphasizing service .

Plus MAZDA from Japan, by a group of engineers with the spirit of the Japanese artisans, carefully build Japanese cars. So the Japanese refined humanistic spirit became brand spindle MAZDA in US, but the spirit of the brand, but with the MAZDA different from the brand image in Japan.

The eyeBanner – Retractable Banner Stands [Like] advertising are mostly Westerners when the protagonist, show MAZDA European and American avant-garde style, with USese Hari different makes US to become the world’s only talking about the refined culture of the Japanese market. US all advertising content must planning and production, and not be able to talk to other market share, such as casting use the Asians, or simply use the Japanese when the advertising protagonist. Even when brand strategy for the high cost of advertising production, but rather by the favor of consumers in US, Wang Kun of the unique local strategy very satisfied.

As the MAZDA advertising partners, JWT Executive Creative Director often fly describe transformed ads, not just thick Japanese wind screen, the retractable banner advertising dialogue also gives the feeling of a calm, restrained. Like MAZDA6 advertising to the Japanese to say to to great Zen statement from power “insisted” tree cloud, taller than me, taller than me “, to express MAZDA has always been fine Japanese humanistic spirit.

Since then, MAZDA whether in advertising, public relations, events, dealer, strong play Japanese ancestry and cultural aesthetics, and to take the international route with other Japanese car brands make the segment, so the MAZDA sales rate increased significantly, market share from 0.7% in 1998, to grow to 6.6% in 2006, while car sales exceeded 20,004 thousand.

The new image of Japanese descent + Zoom

However, since 1998, the Japanese-style, in 2006, the beginning of a shift. This story must be traced back to 2000, MAZDA global head office in order to conform to the trend toward internationalization, advocated the “Zoom-Zoom” – release the harness moved the brand new positioning, emphasizing the relationship between the man and the car, and in a more avant-garde, the flow lines shape, and fight for the concept of consumer identity around the world.

Wang Kun, mentioned, “Zoom-Zoom” literally in fact, did not make much sense, some people say “Zoom-Zoom” just USese child will “pop” to represent the car; faction saying, “Zoom- Zoom “on behalf of MAZDA engine sound. But he believes the “Zoom-Zoom” brand positioning, hope to attract customers’ desire for the sense of speed, and give the driver a more profound sense of driving experience.

At that time, the exquisite Japanese humanities routes specific to the US market, Although consumers reverberations, but with the launch of the car in accordance with the “Zoom-Zoom” image shape more and more avant-garde, the US market uphold conservative introverted image of Japanese culture and “Zoom -Zoom “lively sun seems a bit unreachable.

Adhere to six years later, they finally decided to integrate into the spirit of the “Zoom-Zoom”, but do not give up the Japanese culture, the development of the integration of the brand positioning.

Wang Kun describe MAZDA restructuring process again from the original brand business into a brand extension, the purpose is to establish the personality of the vehicles, and the emotion between the owners.

He admits that this transition so that they upset a long time, after all, suddenly from the calm and reserved, into a lively explicit image is not easy.

Further restructuring MAZDA single month selling thousands of units

Further restructuring is successful? The obvious answer can actually be found on the sales performance.

Planning by the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in 2007, to 12 constellations description new MAZDA3 facelift car ads, although adding “Zoom-Zoom” spirit to see less than the past, calm style, replaced by various constellations lively, personalized image of performance, but that retractable banner stands advertising is still packed Japanese songs in Japanese as a major advertising language, and finally also welcomed by the majority of consumers, the highest single month to sell 1,500 units of the good results.

Often a fly MAZDA Brand shift a large part from the research and development of products, especially in combination with the “Zoom-Zoom” concept car showed more modern MAZDA from pay attention to the deep, philosophical, change into a more pragmatic, modern Japanese taste. With traditional Japanese positioning is slightly different, but the retractable banner stand advertising content still remain imagery of Japanese cars to maintain consistent Japanese descent, does not allow consumers to feel awkward, successful transition.