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How to get bloggers to write about your Feather Banners promotion

By on Nov 23, 2017 in Feather Banners |

Bloggers could help to leverage the success of your Feather Banners [more info] promotion, if they could help to share the images, date and location of your event.  However, be reminded that you must not give them a universal press release, which is often overlooked and deleted. Instead, send them a direct personal message. Keep in mind that the primary focus of these bloggers and social media celebrities is their readers, followers and fans, so if you give them something that their followers will like, then they are more likely to blog or post about your event.

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When you reach out to social media, remember not to post a bulletin in weeks or months. It is impractical to expect a blogger to confidential the news for a few weeks. What they want to write and post right now. You should contact them no later than two weeks before your launch or launch party along with your Feather Banners advertising campaign. That way, it’s new, relevant, and creates an immediate buzz.

If bloggers invite you to blog on their blogs about the Feather Flags promotion of your events, keep in mind their writing style. Do not overdo it! This is a risk of writing a blog story, but you are easier for them and they are more likely to post your story. Just make sure you provide a nice concise summary, and your Feather Banner promotion has launched a personalized message from you.

If a blog or social media celebrity reports about your Feather Banners promotion and event launch, make sure you thank them. If you do not, the chances of ignoring your future story will increase. If you give them a gratitude, they are more likely to cover your next event and Feather Banner advertising campaign launch. You do not have to overdo it, just keep it small and relevant.